Contemporary art is accessible to more people today than it has ever been, nurturing a wider interested in art itself. However, taking the first steps - be it as a visitor in a gallery, a prospective collector or an artist can seem overwhelming given the apparent lack of transparency. We believe that by pooling our resources as well as our skillsets, a plethora  projects that were stowed away in a drawer for years can suddenly be realised and thus evolve into something even greater perhaps.

Since early 2017, we have worked with artists from all over the world under the working title collasta focussing primarily on promoting limited edition prints of the artists' work. As we progressed further down a fluid line of creative discourse we became more and more aware of the fluctuating nature of collaborative art and thus chose to rename our project after Marcel Duchamp's groundbreaking urinal Fountain from 1917 as it became a landmark for the notion of what art can be.


Johannes Huntenburg earned his BFA in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design followed by an MFA in creative practice from Transart Institute. A growing interest in collaboration soon grew into an integral part of Johannes creative work. Coming back to Berlin in 2014, he realised how much fertile ground the city offers for artistic exchange and thus collaborated once again to co-found collasta with Nils. Johannes oversees the creative direction as well as managing all interactions between new artists, collaborators and art world professionals  at  FOUNTAIN PROJECTS.

After receiving his Bachelors's in Business Nils Wienker built up Foodora in Berlin before founding, among other things, collasta together with his high school friend Johannes. As CEO, Nils is responsible for all things other than art and thus keeps the others' backs free for creative endeavours.​

Karim pursued a master degree in international management at Erasmus University Rotterdam School of Management and Copenhagen Business School. He became passionate about modern art while living in Paris and during an exchange semester in Montréal. At Fountain Projects, he is responsible for creating new business opportunities and for the strategic positioning.


Besides publishing limited editions with contemporary artists from all over the world, we're putting up exhibitions, organize talks and discussions in Berlin and generally try to enable more people to realize what they'd like to see happen in the art world.

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