Paris Syndrom by Isa Setton

Limited edition of 6 + 2AP


„Paris syndrom“: „Even though you cannot actually see the Arc de Triomphe in this collage anymore, it is still recognizable as it is one of the most frequented sites for tourists in the world. They crowd the place and thus alter the way Paris - as well as any other metropolis - can be perceived nowadays. This must have been drastically different some decades ago I imagine: less tourists, no red buses, no flashing cameras... this difference between reality and the idealized version of Paris that media and pop culture have promoted for decades becomes especially obvious in the "Paris syndrom" which is an actual medical condition that mostly Japanese tourists suffer when visiting Paris for the first time, realizing how much more ugly the city is in reality than in their idealized imagination - they're literally in shock. According to Wikipedia, the only remedy is leaving. This collage was the starting point of the series "tu me manques" in 2015 in which I altered the meaning of a picture by removing one of its main objects or subjects and replaced it with something different.“


Isa Setton works in several media with a distinct, colourful style. The limited editions she has created with collasta are based on collages that deal with everyday irony, politics and modern relationships.


80x60 cm Hahnemühle paper


  • Quality & Authenticity

    Our limited editions are printed in museum quality on the highest quality Hahnemühle paper and come with a certificate of authenticity. To learn more about what to look for when buying a limited edition artwork, take a look at our guide. 

  • About the artist

    Isa Setton was born in 1992 in Germany and studied art history and business, she lives and works in Berlin. 

    She has been making art for years and is constantly experimenting with new media and techniques to find the suitable way to express the underlying idea or concept of a work.

    Always on the hunt for something that inspires her, her works are about relationships with people, contemporary art, current social and political debates, pop culture and interesting facts about all kinds of subjects ranging from medical advancements to fun facts she read on the internet. 

    Most of her works are either collages, photographs or paintings, but her conceptual approach as well as her experiments broaden this spectrum continuously. A lot of her works are colourful, many ironic, ambiguous and cheeky but often with a serious political or ethical topic. 

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