Yi Gor (Guan Yu) by Lennart Selling

Limited edition of 20 + 2AP


30x45 cm Hahnemühle paper | unframed


In December 2017, I got to visit Hong Kong for a few days My brother had been here before while working on a container ship in the South Chinese Sea, and he was keen to show me around. I have been lucky enough to have visited a few large cities in East and Southeast Asia, and they don't fail to amaze me: Their dynamic is, in my opinion, unparalleled anywhere in the world. There is no doubt about the fact that there is a darker side to all of this, but the raw energy of millions of people pushing forward is hard to deny. In my Hong Kong-series, I have been trying to explore and document some sides of this multifaceted city on film: I have intentionally kept away from street photography, which I personally consider too voyeuristic, and drawn an image of a city (mostly) without people, in which the city itself takes the lead role.


Lennart Selling exclusively shoots on film, giving his photos an intimate, nostalgic feel. He documents his friends and travels, most recently to Hong Kong, with a keen eye for atmosphere and composition.

  • Quality & Authenticity

    Our limited editions are printed in museum quality on the highest quality Hahnemühle paper and come with a certificate of authenticity. To learn more about what to look for when buying a limited edition artwork, take a look at our guide. 

  • About the artist

    I only shoot 35mm film and limit myself to little and simple equipment. I find this limitation freeing: It leaves me with the freedom to not have to worry about technical aspects or gear and fully focus on the moment I'm in. I own a number of SLR bodies, but only one 50mm lens, and a number of point and shoot cameras. One of those is with me at all times. In my photography, I try to capture what I see: Fleeting, intimate moments that I am afraid to forget or lose.

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